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Frequenty Asked Questions

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Tab Renewal

Q: How do I renew my Washington State car tabs online? Or in your office?

A: Visit our "Tab Renewal" page for detailed information about renewing your WA State car tabs online or in our office. Remember that if you renew them online for pick up in our office you don't have to wait in line when you come see us. Just go straight to window 4.

Moving to WA/WA License Plates

Q: I am moving to Washington State soon. How do I register my car and get my Washington State license plates and tabs?

A: Visit our "Moving to Washington" page for detailed information about registering your vehicle and getting your license plates in Washington State.


Q: How do I transer a title? What if I have lost my title and need to replace it?

A: Visit our "Titles" page for detailed information about Washington State car/vehicle title information. You can also download certain relevant forms you might need.

Disabled Parking Pass

Q: How do I get a disabled parking pass?

A: Visit our "Disabled Pass" page for detailed information about if you are eligible, how to apply and how to use a Washington State disabled parking pass.

About us/Our Services

Is Puget Sound License Agency, Inc a DMV?

Puget Sound License Agency, Inc. is a certified Washington State licensing sub agent. A subagent is a private business who enters into contract with a County Auditor, and is appointed by the Department of Licensing Director to perform vehicle and vessel title and licensing services.

By using Puget Sound License Agency, Inc. you are helping the community and economy by patronizing a small, private business.

We look forward to serving your Washington State vehicle and vessel licensing needs. Thank you for using Puget Sound License Agency, Inc.! Come see us today!

Our services include:

• tabs and registration
• title transfers
• disabled parking placards
• transit and trip permits

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What fees will I pay?

Title and registration fees depend on several factors such as the weight of the vehicle, where you live and the type of plates you are renewing.

• If you are registering a vehicle or boat for the first time, contact us to find out the exact cost.

For more detailed information about fees, visit the Washington State DMV/DOL page at:

Just remember to come see us when it is time to renew or register your car, boat, trailer, rv, motorcycle, snowmobile, etc!

Acceptable Forms of Identification

What forms of ID are acceptable?

  • Unexpired in or out-of-state driver license.
  • Unexpired in or out-of-state ID card.
  • Unexpired passport.


How do I know if I need an emissions test?

If your vehicle is 2009 or newer, you do NOT need an emissions test.

Please remember that your tabs cannot be renewed if your vehicle needs an emissions test.

For more information about emissions testing, including if you need an emissions test, locations, hours and fees go to the washington state emissions website.


If I am buying a car what do I need to know and do? If I am selling a car what are my responsibilities?

If you bought a car from a friend, family member or private party we can help you transfer the title. Visit our TITLE page.

For more information about buying and selling vehicles and vessels, visit the Washington State DMV/DOL page at:



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